Little Garden Gnome Riding a Turtle Pencil Drawing from the Pages of My Sketchbook

by Florence Morris in From My Sketchbook
Due to a family health problem, I’ve had to take a break from painting.  With a strong desire to create ever present I returned to sketching and drawing, something I had neglected far too long.  
When I started out I only worked in graphite and charcoal.  Once I began painting however, the only drawings I did were quick preliminary sketches or thumbnail drawings to prepare for the painting.
I thought this was enough to keep up my drawing skills.  Apparently I was wrong, suddenly I felt like a beginner again.  This was a real learning curve for me.   The voices of past instructors were in my ears, “Always keep up with drawing and sketching, it will show in your paintings.”  
Who knows, maybe it will change the way I paint.  I’ll have to wait until life settles and all is well again.

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